Unlikely Prom Queen

by Maddie Southorn

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released February 1, 2001



all rights reserved


Maddie Southorn UK

Maddie Southorn is a UK singer/songwriter & pianist.

She has released 4 albums to date, all of which have gained plaudits and airplay in both the UK and the US and invited comparisons to Suzanne Vega and Kate Bush.

She has toured nationally and shared the stage with many highly respected artists, including Kirsty McGee, Seth Lakeman and Eddi Reader.

"A voice that could melt glass" Decode
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Track Name: Grace of God
Have you ever felt lonely in a room full of people?
Have you ever woke up feeling frightened of sleeping?
Have you ever felt sad never known the reason why?
When it seems the whole world is packed up and leaving
When you’re all you’ve got left to believe in
When every step leaves you further behind
This is life it’s not fair it’s not right it’s not over
See blandness rewarded with vanity
Marking time to hold to your sanity
It takes courage to be colour in a world that’s black & white
Move away from the woman who’s crying out
"All my friends they’re moving to Hollywood
All my friends they’re leaving me on a jet plane"
Is she high, is she mad, is she scared, is she lonely?
There but for the grace of God go I and all of the fortunate ones
There but for the grace of God we walk
Good people worn down by indifference go looking for justice in ignorance
When your pride keeps you warm at night
When all that you own is your regret, when all that you pray for is to forget
When you start living life through the people on TV
Then it’s time, get in line, don’t ask why just take your chances
Track Name: Houston
You sat alone no one to talk to
Nobody knows what it is you go through
Would you tell me who you really are?
I would like to know just who you really are
What’s life to you something you value, or is it empty avoid the meaning?
Talk about cigarettes and memories of the life that’s behind you
It’s all over in a moment, the impression is left
Watching you sitting there alone
Where are you going what do you dream about?
Do they all know you or are you missed at night?
Do you feel lonely
Are you lonely?
Track Name: Strings Attached
Fell in love she was only 18
Quit school got married though it broke her daddy’s heart
I’m not so young I don’t know what I am doing
Got a job as a secretary
Didn’t have much money but their dreams were wealth enough
And their love was strong it kept them growing
Life was good and they raised a child
Til one day she woke up to see her life just slipping away
Tried to let it go but the cracks were showing
Now every night she cries herself to sleep
He goes out drinking he won’t tell her where he’s been
Doesn’t know how it got so complicated
Every day it’s the same old scene
Fight over nothing grieve for what they lost
Had it all how did we get so old and jaded
Raise my head to the dirty sky
I said for better or worse though it broke my daddy’s heart
I know it’s not too late if you still love me
Winter sun through the frozen trees
The nights are long and he holds her in his arms
I know it isn’t perfect but it could be
Track Name: Nell's Garden
I took a train to another town a leafy side street full of sound surrounds your little piece of ground
Someone had grown flowers given it a name but it would never be the same
Your garden full of fire and flame
All we could do was watch you running free and wild
An Eve of life and laughter the eternal child
Knowing that you came to live a life so rare cannot shape meaning from the air or make it easier to bear
With the conscience of a judas the demeanour of a saint
You went through life unburdened by dark fears or complaint
Or so it seemed to us who only watch and wait
He said trying not to love you was trying not to breathe
He knew that you were lying you said you’d never leave
But I think you know and I think you see and I think you would be proud
Of the paths that I have chosen of the person I’ve become
And if you are there and if you recall then there’s something here for you
I remember
Things always are and not how they seem
Weep for the end yet still begin recalling all that might have been
And when the sun went down it smudged the sky
I think of you and I still cry a thousand ways to say goodbye
Track Name: Susquehanna
We took a bus from Washington to NYC
The day was cold the sky looked grey the trees looked pretty
You tried to sleep as I sat looking out the window
I see the snowploughs moving in the opposite lane
I see the way my breath mists up the window pane
I think about you how you only bring me sorrow
I love the way you move your hands when you are speaking
Love your smile I hate that you’re not smiling at me
I even love the way you smoke your cigarette
But I’m your friend I am not your reason to be
I wonder how your indifference can be another man’s need
I think these things and wish that we had never met
Oh Susquehanna Susquehanna river
Carry me carry me from here
We make a stop at Baltimore and we leave the bus and we get some coffee
I want all of the people to think we’re together
I want to cry out to you I want to tell you the truth I’m afraid that you’ll give me your pity
So instead I pass comment on the weather
The lights grow dark as towns slip by the lights the people
Catching glimpses of families through lighted windows
I look away because I know I don’t belong
We travel on past farms motels Jack’s Susquehanna
And just like him I'm a lonesome traveller
And like the river I must move on
Track Name: Firewalking
I am just a child a captors plaything
A pawn in your twisted game
But I will make my move so unexpected
And only yourself to blame
At least a thousand times
I’ve heard you preaching
You’ve given it all for me
Give your last cigarette to a stranger
You can’t spare a light for me
What do you want from me
How many times must I bleed
Why can’t I just let you go
And did you really know what that cross meant
You wore it with so much pride
But I can wash my hands as well as your priests
And I will not be denied
Track Name: Snowman
I wonder what you’re like now
I hear you’re at home now
The snowman says you’re doing fine
Now I’m not there to hold you back
Never trust a snowman
You said you had too much
Inside inside kept it all inside
Outside was all you showed
Your snowman told you not to write
Never trust a snowman
He’ll leave you too early in the morning
It’s a shame you’re far away
We had so much to live for
Give your christmas cards away
And don’t forget to send me one this year
Track Name: Messiah
You have a misjudged idea of your place in this world
I’m not your fool not your child no more your little girl
I’m tired of making excuses I’m tired of your lies
How long did you think that we’d keep on closing our eyes
You want me to beg you want me to be cruel
You want me to bleed you want me the fool
But roses are red and violence is blue
Sugar is sweet and you are just you
I’ve learned that it suits you well when I’m down on my knees
And I know you only believe what you want to believe
I blame you for it all you were too small to see the possibilities
You know how hard I try so realise that sometimes all there is is me
And nothing I can say will make you change will make you see what you’ve become
You reinvent the truth so what’s the use you’re never shamed you're never wrong
I’m not in the mood for a scene a blood-letting today
So give me a break and give me back my tourniquet
Just walk away I won’t ask you to stay move along
You are a second a moment in time not the one
Track Name: Childhood
When i was a child i swear I could hear the world spinning
From my window
This is my home where I’ll always always belong
No matter where I go
And the rain falls on
Part of me is here in this tired old town full of people
Who’ve settled down
Doesn’t matter what your pain is
Doesn’t matter what your dreams are or where you go
Rain is always the same
And the rain falls on
Heard a radio playing mufled tv
People crying cos they want something more to believe in
I’ve done my fair share of crying and screaming and
Hell I don’t know
And the rain falls on
Track Name: But Very Natural
Edie was a dancer, Harry couldn’t understand her
Did hid best to romance her so they’d live happy ever ater
He bought a house in Buena Vista, it had a swing and a verandah
But the dance was Edie’s lover, she didn’t wish for any other
She’s going to dance all over the world and he’s going to follow
She pirhouetted through Alaska, Istanbul and Madagascar
The tarantella in Verona where Harry realised he’d never own her
Edie’s still a dancer and Harry still can’t understand her
Sayd he’ll find another lover, says her feet will dance no longer
It’s been 3 years and no one’s seen her, they searched the house in Buena Vista
Harry knows just where to find her
She’s buried under the verandah
Track Name: Debut
Come to life come together
Breathing fools my mind fills my slow heart with night
With your smile brooding smile
Free the silence inside leave me no place to hide
Won’t be content with shadows with deceit in your eyes
Walking through your hallowed ground barefoot and blind
Don’t leave me out here holding on to what you leave behind
Don’t give me your presumption you don’t know what I want
Thought you had me in your grasp but your movements were wrong
Don’t want to be like daddy feeling like I don’t belong
Sighing drowns let me drown
Feed me from the floor feed me no more
Wandering wandering i’m pretending I’m not lost
Bring me home to my mother a need I can’t explain
Takes me away from the night where dreams cease to delight what is left what’s to say when people don’t believe
No sound no strength no tides rushing down to meet
The moon spinning world turning I don’t want to lose myself
Lose myself to something I don’t understand
Do you